Canonization of Saint Louis Guanella - October 23, 2011

The miracle has been approved!

March 15, 2002, Bill Glisson, while rollerblading, hit a crack in the cement and flew six to seven feet in the air before smashing the back of his head on the curb. Doctors did not expect him to survive.

A friend of the family gave Bill's mother two relices of Fr. Louis Guanella, the founder of the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence and the Servants of Charity. One relic was placed on Glisson's medical band, the other his mother kept in her pocket.

The end of April 2002, Glisson was released form teh hospital, went to a physical rehab center and in ten days was released for outpatient physical rehabiliation. Because of the extensive swelling to his brain, Bill's skull had been removed. September, 2002, the skull was replaced. Glisson made a miraculous recover.

November, 2009, a medical commission of the Vatican's Congregations for the Causes of Saints decleared that there was no scientific, natural or medical reason for Glisson's cure. In January, the Pontifical International Theological Commission approved the healing of Glisson was obtained therough the intercession of Fr. Louis Guanella!

Pope Benedict XVI presided at the canonization of Fr. Guanella on October 23, 2012.  Guanellians met in Rome, from all over the world, to celebrate this joy filled event! 


The miracle that preceded the cononization was a healing of an American man.